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Hello, I am a full-stack Javascript developer based in Austria

About me

I am a FullStack developer from Austria, the land of green fields and fabulous arts.
Have you ever came up with a cool new startup and don't know where to start? I could help you to find a way of solving your problems.
I could share with you whole my experience to help you achieve any goals in the web services creation fields.
Just text me here

My career path

2022 - * IBM LLC
Senior Frontend Developer
Working as a software engineer, technical architect and consultant for the biggest world wide companies

2022 - 2022 KINNOVIS LLC
Senior Frontend Developer
I architected the system for the CRUD operations in this application. The idea of the software is in creating the company`s SDK that will allow just to create JSON configuration for the app. This way of development solved a lot of problems as maintaining and bug fixing. Also any new developer that will be required to add or change the application logic will need just to work with configuration logic instead millions of screens. You can check and arrange the demo at https://kinnovis.com/

2019 - 2021 Dynatrace LLC
Senior software developer
Working with JS Agent team in browser monitoring project. Also creted a browser extension tool for support team to deal with our JS Agent script Using: vanilla JS for agent and Angular for extension

2019 - 2019 NBH Markets
Senior Full Stack developer
Created a system for marketing team to fast creation SPA with Google Tag Manager inside and scripts for it. Using: VueJS / Strapi.io for administration part and NuxtJS for deployment

2018 - 2019 Exinity LLC
Software Engineering Lead
FXTM Trading Mobile Application https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.fxtm.prod, https://itunes.apple.com/cy/app/fxtm-trader/id1265719831?mt=8. I have created a development team from scratch and lead them from zero to production. By my lead in this project was implemented CI/CD with Gitlab and Fastlane. Also after a burning release with Kanban, I have implemented a Scrum for project support that used right now. Mobile Application is a hybrid app, that uses native and Javascript parts. Right now it is on refactoring using Kotlin. My experience allowed me to create a strong code architecture using Redux pattern for mobile development I have interviewed more than 30 candidates to get only 5 of them for this project: 4 developers and one QA engineer. It is the most difficult project in my career. Because it was done form a scratch, with no team at the start and strict deadlines. And this project is created to work with costumers money, so it is a lot of responsibility. And the main point - it is on production and we got a lot of users with a small advert campaign

2017 - 2018 Exinity LLC
Senior Frontend developer
http://my.forextime.com - Private Area for FXTM Broker site. It is a big legacy coded part of the company. At my responsibility was to refactor big parts that were not optimized. Also, I have made a lot of job working on the mobile-first representation of the project, and now it works more correct on mobile devices. And after all, before my promotion to the mobile project, I have implemented using karma with Angular at most critical parts of the project I am the first developer in the company who have been promoted in less than one year. I proud of it because my approbation period wasn’t even over

2017 - 2018 Geekbrains(Mail.ru)
Mentor at online educational project. Java and Android
Mentoring is my second passion after programming. I was one of first creators of educational programm that currently used bu thousads of sudents all over the Russia

2015 - 2017 Samsung(Russia)
Mentor at offline educational project. Java and Android
My very first debut in mentoring and its great. Was working on the educational programm and made a tonn of short articles for my students how to became a better programmer